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Bold Cafe: “Discovering Your Passion”

Episcopal Cafe:“Adiaphora”; “God, the Parent”; “Ministry: An Emotional Labor”; “Magical Thinking Ain’t Faithful”; The Dangers of a Calling

Fidelia’s Sisters (YCWI): “Pastor in the Pew“; “In Praise of the Ambush Wedding”

Living Lutheran: “God or mother? Both.”; “I want my kids to watch me doing this”; What forced sabbath reveals about God; Thanking God for adults without children

Red Letter Christians: “Breastfeeding God”; “Mary Knew the Risks of #MeToo”; “Ashes to Ashes, I Love You”; God, Our Parent, Would Never Treat Children Like This; We Are Not All There Is; Parenting As Activism; Why We Want to Skip Holy Week; Telling the Truth About Ourselves (Review of “One Coin Found”)

Scary Mommy: How Adopting Changed the Way I Parent

Sojourners: 3 Ways That Calling God ‘Mother’ Transforms Us

Vital: A Health Humanities Magazine: “Faith and Public Health”

Working Preacher: “Preaching Adoption” ; “Why ‘Preaching + ____________?” (introducing the series I co-curate); “Guest Preaching in an Age of “Too Political”

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