School, work, Foosball ... but not always in that order. Since my husband picked up a Foosball table from the curb, where someone else in our new hometown had put it out for the “large items” garbage pick-up day, playing Foosball together has become a staple of our daily routine. I am by far the… Continue reading En-Foosed


We have gone all-virtual in our household. My husband is using his medical degree to take care of patients virtually via a cutting edge app. I recruit and edit written resources for church leaders with a team that runs online courses, spread out geographically from Tennessee to Texas to Utah. Both of our kids are… Continue reading Game-ified


Leap-frogging technologies are a theme in our household conversations these days. When large swaths of people previously did not have access to certain improvements to quality of life, and a new way of creating access is developed to remove the barriers, people who never could get services in the first wave suddenly join the network… Continue reading Leap-frogging