Posted where?

Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the outside of the church door to initiate debate.

Dr. Corrine Carvahlo, a speaker at the Joint Ministerium (gathering of pastors and deacons from both metro synods of our church body) this morning noted that detail about this day 500 years ago which sparked the Reformation. It struck me because I have shared a self-deprecating description of myself many times: I am almost never the one in a meeting with the brilliant idea that defines the direction we should go. But I am sometimes the one who says the thing that someone else springboards off of to frame the right direction. I excel at the meeting alley-up! In any time, how are we to know what must be done, without others chiming in to hone or even take our ideas for reform in a new direction? And clearly, when we’re talking about the ongoing need for reform of the Church, the folks we most need to hear are those with a view of the outside of the door. Dr. Carvahlo went on to talk about Millenials not as “Nones” and all that implies, but as potential “Reformers,” from the outside. The discrepancy between the good news of God’s unconditional love for the world, and how the people who claim to know that behave, is vast. If we want to keep moving more fully into witnessing God’s presence in the world, then we have to initiate debate on how we can change. In this debate, no single one of us holds the truth of how we will get to the most fruitful outcome, but somehow we will discover it in the process of talking it out together.

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