I’ll Preach for You, the 2nd Sunday of Easter

Preachers, I know how difficult it is to say something “new” about a text that recurs every year, the Sunday after Easter, with Thomas’ doubts echoing off our own. This year I am offering to preach that Sunday for you, in a pre-recorded online format, on the difference that embodied experiences of God make in the life of faith. Although my book describes many comparisons between mothering, God’s actions and ministry, I will be careful to also include the lives of those who are not parents. I wrapped up 13 months of pandemic preaching as a solo interim pastor on January 31st, so I have the energy and space to offer this gift to you in solidarity. I will record in the sanctuary of Christ on Capitol Hill (ELCA).

Who am I? I was ordained in 2005 and have served as an associate pastor, solo pastor and interim pastor in small to mid-sized Lutheran (ELCA) congregations in suburban, urban and rural contexts. My theology and preaching align with many progressive, mainline Protestant denominations. I have also written for multiple denominations’ online platforms; likely some you recognize in this list.

Let Me Know

Contact me at leeannmpomrenke at gmail dot com or via FB or IG messenger with your e-mail address to request the downloadable sermon, roughly 12 minutes, delivered to your inbox by March 29th.

In exchange, I ask for you to tell me how you are going to engage with or support my book. Here are some ideas:

  • sharing a synopsis in your congregation or synod/diocese/district communications
  • leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads
  • purchasing copies for your church library, a colleague, or your bishop
  • reading it in the church book club, mutual ministry committee or in a local clergy group

Preacher bio for your bulletin/communications: The Rev. Lee Ann M. Pomrenke is a pastor in the St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA and author of the book Embodied: Clergy Women and the Solidarity of a Mothering God (Church Publishing, Inc, 2020). Hear what a church book club has to say about their understanding of a mothering God and the lives of clergy women after reading her book in this video. You can also find more of her writing on leeannpomrenke.com.

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